Exterior Foundation Insulation – Protection Boards

We will tailor a Waterproofing and Insulation-Protection Board System to suit your needs

We install a variety of lnsulation-Protection Boards from Extruded Polystyrene (Foam) that retains up to 97% of its R-value for the life of your home, “green” insulation that uses up to 90% recycled materials and products that will drain water to your footer tile system. Call us today and we will tailor a Waterproofing and Insulation-Protection Board System with a Warranty that will suit your needs and budget.

Your new home’s basement is the least expensive square footage to both build, heat and cool. When a foundation has a proper Waterproofing, Insulation-Protection Board system installed it will provide long lasting value to your home by insuring your basement is dry, warm and usable.

Q: Why is it called “Insulation-Protection Board”?

All the Boards we use have an Insulation value and they protect the wall and waterproofing during back fill. Without the Insulation -Protection Board, rocks, heavy wet soil, frozen dirt and other debris can damage the waterproofing and sometimes the wall itself during back fill causing leaks.

Q: Why do I need exterior foundation Insulation-Protection Board?

A: The average year-round ground temperature in this climate is 56 Degrees. That means your foundation walls are constantly drawing heat out of your home. Installing an Insulation -Protection Board on the exterior keeps the cold out and the heat in, reducing your energy bills.

Q: Why can’t I just insulate on the inside?

We have found that you can insulate your foundation on the outside only or you can insulate on the outside and inside but it is not good practice to insulate on the inside only especially with fiberglass based insulation products. The reason is the cold 56 Degree ground temperature is now transferring to the inside of your foundation. This “cold” can cause moisture to condensate in the fiberglass insulation causing mold and mildew problems over time. For this reason, we only install interior insulation that does not absorb moisture thus eliminating that damp musty basement smell.

Q: What is the simple payback on foundation insulation?

Depending on the product and system you choose it can be as little as 6 years.

Q: What are some of the other advantages of foundation insulation?

Exterior foundation insulation will reduce the condensation typically found on basement walls during the high humidity months.

Q: Does exterior insulation help with soil gasses like radon?

Exterior insulation typically allows a small passage way from your footer tile system to open air. This passage way also helps vent soil gasses from the exterior.

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