Foundation Insulation Energy Savings

Styrofoam Insulation Generates Substantial Monthly Savings!

Estimated Annual Energy Savings: DOW STYROFOAM R-10
Annual Savings: $260.00  /  Simple Payback: 5.4 Years

Source for these statistics comes directly from The Building Foundation Design Handbook of the U.S. Department of Energy and are based on 6,000 heating degree day (Cleveland, Ohio).

Freeze-Thaw Cycling Test

In a freeze-thaw cycling test that simulated the stresses imposed on insulation in below-grade application, STYROFOAM brand insulation outperformed molded bead polystyrene by 216%, and foil-faced polyisocyanurate by 1,533% in R-Value retention.

Long-term R-Value

Since the 1940’s, STYROFOAM has a track record of long-term R-value retention that is second-to-none. Proven dependability and long-term R-value. That’s what separates STYROFOAM brand insulation from the rest. It’s been proven in tests and thousands of below-grade installations.

Styrofoam Brand Installation For Foundation

Installing DOW STYROFOAM Brand insulation below grade is significant in reducing heat loss.

Dramatic Evidence Of Actual Basement Heat Loss

Not only does DOW STYROFOAM keep the basement heat inside, it also keeps the ground cold outside.