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Foundation Waterproofing

Why Masonry Seal is the Best Foundation Sealant!

The application of foundation sealant materials used to be buckets of tar, brushes, rollers and working in the trenches. This took extended hours of labor that often resulted in poor workmanship. There needed to be a way to penetrate the pores, cracks and voids in poured concrete and concrete blocks with a material that would be pliable. The answer was Masonry Seal MSP-1, a pliable, refined asphalt elastomeric material formulated as an emulsion for better application and penetration. MSP-1 is applied with a high-pressure spray from a unique, self-contained mobile unit. The Masonry Seal designed system does a superior job with a minimum of labor, time and cost.


Masonry Seal MSP-1 is an emulsion of specially refined asphalt and elastomer solids designed for high-pressure application over concrete, tile, block, brick and other surfaces. This product is designed and produced under the Trade Practice Rule for the masonry industry (FTC-LL2741). The latest revision of ASRM D 244 is used to test all material. Cured material also complies with ASTM specifications D449-03 Type A. Type A is described as a soft adhesive "self-healing" asphalt which flows easily and is suitable for use below ground level under uniformly moderate conditions both during the process of installation, and during services. This type of asphalt is suitable for foundations, tunnels, subways, etc. Elastomer solids are added for bridging minor cracks and fissures. MSP-1 is within the minimum standard required by ASTM D449-03 and conforms to FHA Code Section 712-1.1.


Foundation Waterproofing in Ohio