Foundation Waterproofing & Insulation

We Are The Waterproofing Experts

We are always looking for, and testing new waterproofing materials as they evolve and enter the market. Most of the products we install are “Polymer Modified Liquid Asphalt Emulsions” This means they are water based liquid asphalt with a rubber additive. Water based products are the most common today and are much friendlier to the environment and the installers compared to solvent based products. The rubber additives increase the elasticity of the material allowing it to stretch over a crack and keep the moisture and soil gasses out of your basement.

We are currently installing products made by Masonry Seal, GMX, Marflex, Dow, Sto, Henry, Carlyle and many others. We can install the product and provide the warranty that best suits your needs. We have warranties from 10 Years to Lifetime.

We also install an Air Gap Waterproofing Membrane more commonly known as Dimple Board.

In 1987 we discovered covering the foundation waterproofing with an insulated – protection board accomplished several things:

It protected the waterproofing membrane during the back-fill process. No longer where rocks, frozen dirt and other debris damaging the waterproofing.

The ground temperature in Ohio averages 56 deg. Providing an R-5 or R-10 thermal break on the exterior of the foundation saved energy.

The R-5 and R-10 exterior foundation thermal breaks also reduced or eliminated the condensation that normally happens on cold foundation walls in the hot humid summer months.

The R-5 and R-10 products we use also help reduce pressure from the freeze thaw cycles in winter. When using this system, we have noticed less wall cracks that we attribute to the reduced pressure.

Some of the Insulation products we install drain water away from the foundation and into the footer tile reducing water pressure against the foundation.