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Over 53 Million Sq. Ft. of Waterproofing, Air and Vapor Barriers Installed

Elyria Pressure Seal History

Elyria Pressure Seal Inc. has been sealing foundations across Northern Ohio since 1967. My father Don purchased the company in 1974. We have sealed more than 43,000 foundations, all of them done with this commitment to customers: "Call before 8am and your foundation will be serviced that day."

Elyria Pressure Seal always uses spray-applied Masonry Seal MSP-1 product. Masonry Seal manufactures one of the finest foundation sealants on the market. The formula for MSP-1 has been improved over the years as new technology and ingredients became available. MSP-1 is a unique formula that has been tested and proven since its inception more than 50 years ago.

Besides the MSP-1 waterproofing formula, the product is applied using unique high-pressure spray equipment. This technique and high-end product allow for superb penetration and coverage onto all types of sub-straits.

Elyria Pressure Seal can customize a warranty for you from 10 to 30 years depending on your budget. Along with our warranty, we offer Dow Styrofoam and Dow Perimate Insulated Drainage Board as unbeatable team members with the MSP-1 Waterproofing. This combination provides a dry, insulated and warranted foundation second-to-none.

Here is the best part. "Call before 8AM and your foundation will be serviced that day." That's why more builders are turning to Elyria Pressure Seal. Contact us today so that we can show you why using Elyria Pressure Seal is good business.


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