Insulated Drainage Board

Perimate is your One-step Solution for Foundation Insulation, Warranty and Drainage

STYROFOAM PERIMATE brand insulation is an ASTM C578 Type IV extruded polystyrene foam board, meeting insulation and drainage requirements in the commercial and residential foundation markets. A specially designed and patented dovetail groove network in the exposed side of the board efficiently channels water directly to your footer tile system even at high soil pressure (e.g. 1200psf).

STYROFOAM PERIMATE offers warranted long term R-value to conserve energy in an area of a building where much heat can be lost if it is not properly insulated. Since a below grade floor in a building is more useful and comfortable if it is dry, proper drainage complements the dampproofing or waterproofing of the foundation. Therefore, moisture is prevented from entering your foundation.


With its Patented Groove Network, STYROFOAM PERIMATE brand insulation features patented dovetail groves on one face and ship-lap edges on the long edges. When installed on the exterior foundation walls, it provides insulation, protects the waterproofing membrane and drains water directly to our footer tile system. This product used in the U.S., Canada and Europe.

STYROFOAM PERIMATE brand insulation protects dampproofing or waterproofing during backfilling and ground settling. Freeze/thaw cycling of the foundation wall is minimized, thus reducing cracking potential. By helping to protect the Integrity of the wall, STYROFOAM PERIMATE allows the building owner to finish the interior side and be confident that there is little likelihood the finish will be damaged by water intrusion. Also, the insulated, warmer foundation wall reduces potential for condensation, which is another possible source of damage to a finished interior wall.