Interior Foundation Insulation

interior foundation insulation: a vital part of insulating your home

The average year-round ground temperature in Ohio is 56 Degrees. Properly insulating your foundation can have a simple pay back in as little as 6 years. We install products like Dow Styrofoam, Dow Thermax, Class A Polyiso Foam and other high-quality products – all of which meet fire code ratings and do not need to be covered with drywall – saving you money.

Insulating the interior allows for insulation in the critical area between the exterior insulation that stops at grade and the insulated wood structure of your home (typically, 16 inches).

We only recommend rigid type insulation that does not collect condensation the way fiberglass and other products do. This eliminates that damp musty smell everyone hates in their foundations.

We recommend insulating on the exterior only, or insulating on the exterior and the interior – but it is not recommended to insulate with fiberglass on the interior only. The reason is simple: When you only insulate the interior, the thermal break is on the inside of your foundation allowing the cold ground temperature to transfer through the wall and cause moisture to condensate in the fiberglass insulation.

Let us install a product the suits your exact needs.