Shale Sealants

Properly Sealing Shale Since 1976 with 100% Customer Care And Satisfaction

We have installed more shale sealants than any other contractor.

Some of our jobs include a Sonar Testing Pool, Cleveland Clinic Hospital addition in Fairview Park, City Pool in Avon Lake and countless other residential and commercial projects.

We only use products that are specifically approved for shale by the manufacturer. This is vitally important because “painting it black” does not always work. The damage caused by expanding shale can be catastrophic. We have seen both walls and floors that have lifted up as much as 6 inches due to shale that was not properly sealed or not sealed at all. You only get one chance to do it correctly.

Most engineers recommend shale be sealed within 24 hours after it is exposed to air. We typically don’t wait that long. We will have trucks and manpower on your job site at the end of your work day to seal any shale that is exposed. We have been providing this late day service for more than 30 years and find it to be most effective. We have never had an issue with any shale that we sealed using the same day approach.

Please note: if you believe you are going to hit shale you need to notify our office 24 hours in advance so that we can get you on our will call schedule.

General Requirements

All surfaces must be free of loose shale (minimum of flat shovel clean).

All surfaces must be dry.

There is a 4-hour minimum dry time (rain).

There is a 24-hour minimum dry time (foot traffic).

Sealed shale must be covered prior to foot traffic (sand, stone, clay, plastic, etc).

Due to the uneven nature of shale it is not necessary to cover 100% of the surface. Coverage rates of 95% are sufficient to keep the shale from expanding.

This image is our Liquid Asphalt Shale Sealant Spray being applied directly to the shale to keep it from expanding.